This Montana Based Roots rock band envelopes the introspective  and often heavy  songwriting of Taylor Burlage in a blanket of sound descended from southern rock, and psychedelia. The Dead & Down will take you on a journey; moments of cosmic flare and pure, unadulterated rock and roll balanced with a western feel. Imagine if Keith Richards and John Prine were in Pink Floyd and you might find a starting point for what they sound like.   

“The Dead and Down have a sound that doesn't fit into one bin. They combine elements of Country, Americana, and Rock for a sonic experience that stays interesting. Their new song, “Switchbacks” has a solid country-rock feel, but the break in the middle is a lot more akin to prog rock. It's a combo that works!” - Bob Wall, KGVM Bozeman

Formerly known as Not James Taylor, the Dead & Down was started as a duo project between songwriter Taylor Burlage and guitarist James Burne. After a year of gigging they amassed a solid local following in their hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Through a series of chance mishaps and lucky breaks they added Josh Higginbottom on drums, Matt Angelo on keys, and Dave Efries on bass to create a truly Montanan sound that reflects their eclectic backgrounds.